Unsurpassed workplace health and comfort

  • Healthy airflow – clean air delivered through floor and stale air extracted through ceiling
  • 3 metre floor to ceiling glass to three sides of building
  • Abundance of natural light 

The top-of-the-range HVAC air-conditioning system delivers comfort, health and environmental benefits. Using a displacement model, air is pumped from 600mm voids in the floor while ‘stale’ air is extracted from the ceiling, significantly reducing the amount of ‘stale’ air in the building. In addition to the 40-100% improvement in ventilation effectiveness, the system improves energy efficiency, with the new air released at higher temperatures as it does not have to mix with and cool down the old. The HVAC system will be the only one of its kind in an office environment in Perth.

The system also has the capability to easily install UV treatment, a technology becoming increasingly popular as businesses seek to improve workplace health and safety.

For a business seeking an office space that reflects attention to detail and a place in WA’s history, there is no choice other than Rhodes House.

Energy efficiency

  • Built to 5 Star Greenstar rating
  • Solar panels will deliver a third of building energy consumption
  • Electric vehicle charging

The building has been designed to achieve a 5 Star Greenstar rating, and will exceed the PCA A-Grade standards. Solar panels will generate over 100kW of solar energy, comprising 30-35% of the building’s total energy consumption.

Floor plans

Ground Floor ~700sqm
Level 1 ~1,050sqm
Level 2 ~1,100sqm

The floorplan is highly flexible, with the option to include a staircase linking levels two and three if the option to occupy both levels is taken.

The 600mm void below the floor adds further flexibility, with electrical cabling and reticulation able to be easily installed in any area. This allows kitchens, bathrooms and work desks to be installed according to the tenants preference.

— Download floor plans here